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OCS and Traction Power

L.K. Comstock has played a pivotal role in developing and installing traction power systems to support the expanding North American public transit industry. Over the past 30 years, L.K. Comstock has successfully completed more than 40 significant related projects for about 20 different transit authorities, serving as either the prime contractor (MetroLink, Muni, NJ Transit, Metro-North) or the subcontractor (Hiawatha, DART, WMATA, Sound Transit). 

L.K. Comstock has technical expertise and vast project experience working with a range of traction power system applications, from revitalizing existing lines to installing systems on new lines and extensions. Our experience includes installing DC and AC overhead catenary systems, third-rail systems and bus-fed automated people mover power systems. 

On each project, we work closely with the transit authority, project designer and supplier to ensure the successful implementation of the system design into field operations. With a thorough understanding of the design requirements, L.K. Comstock secures the appropriate hardware, addresses related technical issues and then coordinates the installation work with its field engineering and labor force. The end result is a fully integrated work plan, with thorough installation and testing, all while operations continue on any adjacent transit lines. 

L.K. Comstock has adapted its skills to address the emerging design-build market.  Working with owners, the general contractor and project engineer, L.K. Comstock develops budget cost and scheduling documents with only minimal detailed engineering. Our experience allows us to work with the engineer during the design process to minimize field delays, redesigns and associated costs.

Featured Projects 
Representative Experience 

Check out our representative project experience on OCS and traction power projects throughout the United States.

Project Experience 

L.K. Comstock has successfully completed more than 40 significant OCS or track power projects for about 20 different transit authorities over the past 30 years.